Mimori Azuki is a member of Team V and member of VCL48 sub-unit Pure Heart.

Her Voice comes from the Vocaloid program Project 575 offered by the YAMAHA Corporation, Her Character voice was recorded by Yuuka Ootsubo.

Biography Edit

Mimori Azuki is somewhat of an oddball. She doesn't have that much friends but people are usually fond of her. Even though she has debuted as an Idol, very few people mange to recognize her. Even her own family and friends can't make the distinction due to her Idol character having a completely different aura from her everyday self. Even though she is close to the end of her high school life, She has no idea in what she wishes to do with her life.

Joining VLC48

During a school field trip to Akihabara, she finally found her passion. After witnessing the performance of Matsumura Kanon in a small low-key venue, Azuki came to the conclusion that she too will try to bring back Idol Culture to the world and surpass Kanon. After Kanon's performance Azuki ambushed her as she left the stage and questioned her on how to become an Idol. Kanon's producer, Azumia Meri, initially intending to break Azuki away from Kanon but instead offered her to join the VCL project after witnessing her new found passion for Idol culture.



Tell Your World

Snow Fairy Story (Center)


Innocence (Tell Your World) (W Center with Kanon)

Trick and Treat (Tell Your World)

My Sweet Heart (Snow Fairy Story)

Itsudemo Fuwari (Snow Fairy Story) (W Center with Kanon)

Merry Christmas My Hero (Snow Fairy Story)

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